July 2012

Watch Andrew helping Jim Caruk with the fire place project (Jim calls Andrew at 14 minutes into the show). Sorry for the commercials.


July 2012

The kitchen from the Renovation Contractor magazine was feature in Jim Caruk's Builder Boss show on HGTV on July 2012. Take a look at the end of the video to see the kitchen.


December 2012

Saari Home Improvements was featured again in the magazine "Renovation Contractor" for the November/December 2012.

Jim Caruk is really proud of this gorgeous kitchen.


June 2012
Saari Home Improvements will be seen on "Builder Boss", July 19th to HGTV.


April 2012

Take a look at our facebook profile and see projects on the go at Facebook.com


January 2012

We just modified our website. Look around the see the changes! Let me know what you think!


December 2011

Saari Home Improvements was featured in the magazine "Renovation Contractor" for the November/December 2011 edition. Take a look!


May 2011

Saari Home Improvements' kitchen was in the magazine Ourhome Grey Bruce Counties Spring 2010. Check it out.



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